Shepherd's Staff, Christian ratings of computer games O u r   M i s s i o n
To provide information to concerned users on the overall worldview of a software game. We look at how wholesome, uplifting, or offensive a game title may be.

O u r   M e t h o d o l o g y
Rating categories (from a Christian perspective) include Exceptional, Acceptable, Marginal, Unacceptable, and Unworthy.

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      • A game rated Exceptional is one that promotes moral aspects and is inoffensive to Christians.
      • Acceptable games are mostly inoffensive to Christians but could take advantage of more opportunities for Christ.
      • Marginal games are ones that are offensive to Christians in one or more ways.
      • Unacceptable games' strong points exceed their moral benefit. These are definitely offensive to Christians.
      • There are some games that are just Unworthy. Just from advertising or even the game's title, it is obvious they are overly offensive to Christians and therefore won't be rated.
      • The rated games have an overall score assigned to them. Also, an explanation of how they earned their rank is provided.
      • The Interviews page will contain any interviews we conduct with game developers.

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