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Acceptable Game List

Acceptable games are mostly inoffensive to Christians but could take advantage of more opportunities for Christ.

Catz by Ubisoft
  • Overall Christian Rating 4/5 
  • Catz is a PC game about feeding and playing with your cat. Well, it is actually about caring for your cat. This game will help you train your cat. You and your cat will play a lot. The player selects their cat from five breeds. You will be very happy with this game.
  • The cat will obey when it gets a treat. If it does not obey you can squirt it from a squirt bottle.
  • You can love your cat by rubbing its head. The cat will love you back by purring. You can choose if the cat is a boy or girl.
  • Rating by Elizabeth, aged 8.
Clue CD-ROM by Hasbro Interactive
  • Overall Christian Rating 4/5 
  • Clue, is a computerized but not exact version of the popular board game that gives three plot scenarios. The game play is similar to the board game but doesn't give you a notebook, just clues based on you examining rooms and items. The game is nicely done, utilizing interactive movie technology. However, the scenarios deal with potentially offensive topics such as solving murder cases and sleuthing investment schemes.
Clue - Murder at Boddy Mansion  by Hasbro Interactive
  • Overall Christian Rating 4/5 
  • This 1998 release is basically Clue the board game come to life. The computerized version can be played in three dimensional mode or an overhead two dimension view of the gameboard. The game is well done with movie snippets, although you will want to get the latest patch right away. However, the game is about a murder that needs to be solved, so younger kids should avoid this one. Also annoying is the animation that follows when you suggest a murderer, weapon and room. Thankfully, this can be turned off. 
Dukes of Hazzard II: Daisy Dukes It Out (PlayStation)
  • Overall Christian Rating 4/5 
  • A fun driving game that brings a neat story-line to life that will make you feel like you are in a Dukes of Hazzard episode.  Definitely violent as you crash cars or shoot your dynamite arrows.  If you would let your child watch the TV show, then the game is probably acceptable to you as well.
  • For a full review, see Guide2Games
Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy by Lucas Arts
  • Overall Christian Rating 4/5 
  • Lego Star Wars is a surprisingly enjoyable game that, while not complicated, can be enjoyed by anyone in the family.  The game is simple in the fact that the controls consist of only two buttons and the total storyline gameplay is quite short.
  • The game does have many unlockables so you will be playing through the levels many times over.  The story is a retelling of the latest Star Wars trilogy though in a more lighthearted, comedic way.
  • It is easy for anyone who plays the game, young or old, to get into the game and enjoy it. There is nothing in the game that would be offensive to families and I highly recommend it to anyone. 
  • by Chris Owens.
Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist by Sierra
  • Overall Christian Rating 4/5 
  • A zany adventure game, Freddy Pharkas has retired from gunslinging and finds himself mixing medicine in the wild west! A fun and somewhat challenging game, it can be on the gross side at times. For instance, mixing up a cure for flatulence may not appeal to most. For families, it does represent some mischief that you may want to reinforce to the game player as being inappropriate in real life. There are some suggestive themes that almost dropped this title into the marginal category. The younger kids will miss the suggestions and can open up discussions with older kids.
Master of Orion by Microprose
  • Overall Christian Rating 4/5 
  • Master of Orion (or MoO as it is commonly referred to) is a classical space exploration that uniquely blends some role-playing elements as you interact with alien races. This game does have combat but at the icon level.
Meet the Robinsons on PS2
  • Overall Christian Rating 4/5 
  • Rating coming by Chris Owens.
Sorry! CD-ROM by Hasbro Interactive
  • Overall Christian Rating 4/5 
  • The computer-animated version of the popular board game provides the basic game plus three variations (Team, Strategy, and Way Sorry!). It is a fun game, but it does have cartoon-like animated violence. For instance, the red game piece might turn into a little devil in order to bump another player back to start. Another annoyance is the pieces participate in calling the other colors names. The name calling and violence may be two things you may not want young players imitating.

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