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Marginal Game List

Marginal games are offensive to Christians in one or more ways.

Empire Deluxe by New World Computing & White Wolf
  • Overall Christian Rating 3/5 
  • The fact that this is a war game may offend some. However, the battles are fought with icons representing troops, so it is not a 'blood and guts' game but more strategy and resource management.


Fire Emblem by Nintendo
  • Overall Christian Rating 3/5 
  • Fire Emblem is a strategy-RPG that has seen success on the GBA and now is on the Gamecube.  Even though the game is considered an RPG, I feel that it lacks the things that most traditional RPG fans look for.
  • The game suffers from a case of repetition since you repeat the same process throughout the entire game.  You have a narrative sequence, followed by a base visit where you can upgrade equipment and characters, followed by long battle sequences.  You do the same thing over and over, resulting in tedious gameplay that wears off after a few hours.
  • Since the game is set in a fantasy setting, there are a few minor things that are not very wholesome but luckily it is very limited.  This game would be recommended only for older players who enjoy this style of gameplay as it won't be winning any new fans, especially RPG fans.
  • by Chris Owens.


HeliCops by 7th Level
  • Overall Christian Rating 3/5 
  • This futuristic helicopter cop game is on the violent side. You can choose from five different officers and five unique helicopters to go on missions to stop the 'bad' guys.


Privateer by Origin
  • Overall Christian Rating 3/5 
  • A space game where you play the role as a pilot, taking odd jobs to better outfit your ship. Meanwhile, there is a storyline that is advancing as well. The game does have violence as you shoot down other space ship. Also, sometimes the tasks you elect to take are on the seedy side.


Rebel Assault and Rebel Assault II by Lucas Arts
  • Overall Christian Rating 3/5 
  • These two games are faithful to the Star Wars movie themes. As such, it has lots of violence, shooting and explosions. If you let your kids watch the movies, then you can probably let them play these two games. The only objectionable death was during a cutscene when Darth Vader choked a failing officer using the "force" (similar to Episode 4).


Torin's Passage by Sierra
  • Overall Christian Rating 3/5 
  • This animated adventure game seems fairly benign. But it does have Al Lowe's (Leisure Suit Larry) humor intermixed. It contains mostly easy puzzles in the King's Quest vein and has a useful built-in hint system (although hints cost you points). There is kidnapping and some suggestive themes.

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