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Unworthy Game List

These games are unworthy to waste any time on.

7th Guest by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
  • Overall Christian Rating 0/5 
  • 7th Guest is very violent and has lots of gruesome scenes with lots of blood. While many of the puzzles are benign, the overtone of a haunted house is disturbing.
11th Hour by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
  • Overall Christian Rating 0/5 
  • 11th Hour, the sequel to the 7th Guest, is violent and ties in sexual overtones. There is a disturbing amount of blood and language. Even though the puzzles are mostly benign, the continued overtone of a haunted house is disturbing.
Alien Resurrection by Fox Interactive (PlayStation)
  • Overall Christian Rating 0/5 
  • Alien Resurrection is rated "M" for mature due to animated violence and animated blood and gore.  Seeing "gored" guards and dripping blood may set the mood for an adult but may scare young players.
Baldur's Gate and it's sequels, prequels, and all D&D games
  • Overall Christian Rating 0/5 
  • This is a dungeon and dragons game, and although it is very good as far
    a graphics and gameplay, it is addictive and purely satanic. It is
    pagan, and in the game, pagan gods are not only represented, but praised
    and prayed to.
  • Rating by Shadrac
Blade Runner by Westwood
  • Overall Christian Rating 0/5 
  • Blade Runner is violent, contains poor language and surprisingly has some nudity. How did this get a Teen rating from ESRB? While the graphics are spectacular (for its release timeframe) and some of the police tools neat, this is definitely an adult game.
BMX XXX by Acclaim
  • Overall Christian Rating 0/5 
  • Another adult-only game but they achieved a Mature rating instead of Adult-Only, perhaps ESRB can be bribed?  Somehow, they think adding the ability to have a female bicyclist go topless adds to a bicycle motorcross game.  Further, you can compete and earn credits to view a striptease show.
Duke Nukem and follow ons
  • Overall Christian Rating 0/5 
  • "Beyond Unworthy"
    Arrogance, thy name is Duke Nukem. Aliens come down and of course, Duke Nukem
    has to go and save the earth by lots of bloody killing and violence. The pigs
    are cops and there is lots of pornographic images...lots of actual
    pornographic images. Although there is a parental lockout, the nudity does
    not disappear, and if you go up to where a woman should be, she will still
    expose herself to you. There's even a hooker, that Duke makes overtones to,
    and at the end of the last episode, you can hear Duke and his female
    companion having relations. Of course throughout this game, women are seen
    as nothing but sex objects. This game has absolutely no good points, because
    not even the graphics are that good, gameplay is terrible and overall
    storyline is just outrageously stupid!
  • Rating by Shadrac


Dungeon Keeper by Bullfrog
  • Overall Christian Rating 0/5 
  • Dungon Keeper is a real-time strategy game that puts you in charge of building a dungeon and raising creatures to thwart any human invaders. It is a violent game! You can 'slap' your creatures to death. There is one creature type that is masochistic. When the gamebox claims "evil is good" it should set off some warning signals.
Hexen and its follow ons
  • Overall Christian Rating 0/5 
  • These are obviously violent and probably dabbles too much in the occult.
Might and Magic VI - The Mandate of Heaven by New World Computing and 3DO
  • Overall Christian Rating 0/5 
  • The initial look at Might and Magic VI shows that this can be offensive to Christians. Not only do you fight mythical creatures, some of your characters can be armed with spells. Oh, and the fighting, of course, implies violence with various weapons.
Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail by 7th Level
  • Overall Christian Rating 0/5 
  • While Pythoners will enjoy this, it is inappropriate for families. The language is poor and there is strong sexual content even some nudity.
Playboy the Mansion by Hip Interactive
  • Overall Christian Rating 0/5 
  • Another adult-only game that somehow received a Mature rating by ESRB.  They claim it to be a role-playing and empire-building game, but when it claims to "reward you for living the good life, having a positive sexual attitude and promoting tolerance and individual freedom", you know the Unworthy bell has been rung.
Sin and Expansion pack Wages of Sin
  • Overall Christian Rating 0/5 
  • This game, while excellent in graphics, realism and gameplay, is terrible in
    morality. You can gather quarters, and put them in phone booths to make
    obscene phonecalls. The bad guys make obscene gestures and there is lots of the good guy. There are tons of sexual images throughout the
    game and the original game, toward the end has lots more sexual images. There
    are things in the game that I cannot mention. In the expansion pack, there
    are lots of non-Christian, pagan type images and of course, more sexual
    images, as well as tons and tons of druggies and violence. This game had
    promise, but that promise was destroyed and buried by sexual images, violence
    and anti-Government overtones. Don't get me wrong, I'm no lover of big
    brother, but I feel that the system can still be fixed.
  • Rating by Shadrac


Thief: The Dark Project, Thief Gold, Thief 2 by Eidos Interactive and Looking Glass Studios
  • Overall Christian Rating 0/5 
  • The whole premise has the main character, Garrett, performing thefts, rescuing fellow peers, etc. Although the game rewards you for using your blackjack and not killing guards, you can still kill them with your sword or bow and arrows. There is undead zombies and similar monsters as well. Christians may want to avoid this one especially if you have problems with these types of games as Thief is compelling and can dominate your time.

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