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Unacceptable Game List

Unacceptable games' strong points exceed their moral benefit. These are definitely offensive to Christians.

Command & Conquer, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Renegade and their various expansions by Westwood
  • Overall Christian Rating 2/5 
  • These are a real-time wargames, so they are very violent. They have lots of death and dying during the game due to the player's interaction but more disturbing is the execution style of killing during the FMV (Full Motion Video) cut scenes between scenarios (that appear on the main games, not expansions). Also, it was noted that the language on Tiberian Sun has gotten worse! The latest is Renegade that is a first-person shooter. Still overly violent for children.
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines by Eidos Interactive
  • Overall Christian Rating 1/5 
  • Commandos is a real-time strategy game that is very challenging to play. You are in charge of a team of commandos as they face impossible odds on various World War II missions. The team can work in unison or individually dictated in part by their unique skills. Debriefing follows a successful mission. You will be ranked and rewarded based on how quickly your team executed the mission and how much damage they sustained. There are six unique Commandos to direct in order to accomplish the mission. Each mission doesn't have a set solution, so put your brain to work to figure one. For instance, you can take advantage of any vehicles available like a tank or a truck. The typical mission design requires you to crawl around a lot to achieve mission objectives which is slow-going. The game is rated unacceptable due to being violent. Yes, it is set in war time so some could justify it. For adults, you apply your discernment. Parents, your children will have to command the commandos to kill people by stabbing, shooting, and blowing them up.
Deus Ex by Ion Storm and Eidos Interactive
  • Overall Christian Rating 1/5 
  • Deus Ex is an interesting hybrid. It combines story-line role playing elements with a first person shooter. And doesn't do too bad of a job of it. This game will remind you of System Shock and a little bit of Thief. Set in a futuristic time, Deus Ex's main character is an agent for UNATCO (United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition). The world is a very different place with crime, terror and disease riddling it. You will employ various weapons or stealth to complete your mission objectives. There are choices that you can make which affects your outcome. The game is rated unacceptable due to being violent. In the very little that I played (only played the demo), foul language was noticeable. Also, a few of the ladies are dressed provocatively. The ESRB rate it "M" for Mature audiences and from what little I've seen, that is probably a fair assessment. 
  • Note that this evaluation was based on playing the single-mission only. If you have completed the game and have further insight, please share it via Email.
In the 1st Degree by Broderbund
  • Overall Christian Rating 2/5 
  • In the 1st Degree puts you in the role of a prosecuting attorney trying to that Tobin committed murder. This game takes you through the investigation and into the trial proceedings. It nicely integrates QuickTime into the game. However, this game is unacceptable from a Christian standpoint since it has adult and violent themes.
Jagged Alliance 2 and Unfinished Business expansion pack by Sir-Tech
  • Overall Christian Rating 2/5 
  • Jagged Alliance 2 is a unique and compelling game that combines strategy, tactics and role-playing with both real and turn-based gameplay. However, it overdoes it on violence and language. Since you are commanding a bunch of killer mercenaries, having violence being part of the game is inescapable. However, the poor language should be able to be turned off with an option button (like they provide a "gore" button for how much blood effects).
James Bond: 007 Nightfire by Electronic Arts (PlayStation 2)
  • Overall Christian Rating 2/5 
  • James Bond Nightfire gives you the feeling of being in the movie.  Even with its own introduction song and dance routine by the outline of a beautiful woman.  Therein lies the problem and why this game is unacceptable to Christians (unless you can watch the movies with no problems).  Even in the game and in cut-scenes, there are lots of scantily clad women that James has no problem giving lip treatment to.  Further, it has violence with guns and explosions.  True this is appropriate for its genre but unacceptable for younger players.
  • The game has interesting vehicles as you get to control the Bond car and ride on a snowmobile-type vehicle.  It can easily entice you in as you experience a movie but beware of its pitfalls.
  • The version played was the PlayStation 2.  This title was released for PCs and most major consoles.
Lighthouse by Sierra
  • Overall Christian Rating 1/5 
  • Lighthouse attempts to spin complex puzzles in a Myst-like graphic world. You play a writer that needs to help Dr. Krick who has created a portal to an alternate world. Too bad that a dark being has come through a portal of his own and kidnapped the Dr. and his daughter, Amanda. As you enter the alternate world, you must solve puzzles that harness the many mechanized objects. Of course, it is more than a rescue mission, the dark being must be defeated to save the world. There is a fair amount of violence but the evil overtones and monsters make this title unacceptable for most Christians.
Lords of Magic by Sierra (Impressions)
  • Overall Christian Rating 1/5 
  • Lords of Magic is a cross between Civilization and Master of Magic. You start off a kingdom and can conquer other lands and develop yours, all the while researching spells, upgrading your military structures and putting followers to work. It is an addictive game but has violence and spells that most families will want to avoid.
MegaRace by Software Toolworks
  • Overall Christian Rating 2/5 
  • This is a racing game where the cars can be equipped with lasers and missiles or you can just ram your opponents since some cars have shields. Needless to say, a violent game. The graphics are well-done, but the MC (announcer) can be annoying.
RedJack: Revenge of the Brethern by THQ
  • Overall Christian Rating 2/5 
  • Redjack is an animated adventure game that features some action/arcade sequences. Although the graphics are nicely done, the puzzles are fairly easy. This game is unacceptable to Christians as it adheres to its genre of representing pirates. As the title states, revenge is a motivator to do evil things to others. Further, violence and poor language accompany these pirates as they visit six different locations. There is use of alcohol involved including the main character (Nick Dove who is portrayed to be around 18 years old) having to mix a special drink as one of the puzzles. The cutscenes show animated blood and gore including stabbings and people getting shot with guns. The main character is shooting or slashing at opponents for all the action sequences.
Swat 2 (Police Quest) by Sierra
  • Overall Christian Rating 2/5 
  • SWAT 2 is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that held some promise. Through its portrayal, it makes the evidence of "consequences" very real. For both the police and terrorists. As a Swat member, if you shoot an innocent or another officer, you are fired! For a terrorist, you pay for your crime once you are arrested (or wounded or killed). This game almost earned a marginal rating but it is violent and the language was unnecessary in places. You can play the "bad" side and be exposed to cult symbols and indoctrination. Sierra was obviously going after the lucrative RTS market (established by Command & Conquer and WarCraft). It was an admirable attempt that failed market acceptance. One detractor is the controls. Not intuitive. Accidentally hit the "S" key while playing the terrorists and you've surrendered! So, prepare to spend a fair amount of time learning the interface. The game has other frustrations like having everyone look similar. I agree that they shouldn't give away who is the bad guy, but when one person you've already talked to walks away and a different one walks up that looks identical, it makes it hard to keep suspects and innocents straight.
WarCraft 2 and its expansions by Blizzard
  • Overall Christian Rating 2/5 
  • WarCraft 2 is a real-time strategy game that is very violent. Also, the Orc side tends to utilize evil spells, wizards, and ogre-mages as creatures in their army. The human side also has wizards and Paladin's that can obtain spell capability.
Worms and Worms 2 by Team 17/Microprose
  • Overall Christian Rating 2/5 
  • These are fun games, but they go overboard on the violence factor. The worms use various weapons to kill other worms, where some die gruesome deaths. Also, there was a tad bit of poor language used in Worms 2.

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